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BEOWULF: PRINCE OF THE GEATS-The amazing all volunteer motion picture epic by Scott Wegener and David Garrison Productions is available! All profits go to the American Cancer Society!


              GET YOUR 

         CREATIVITY  ON !!-

How to get the juices flowing by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Scott Wegener



From African fire-ants to flying motorcycles, NASA Mars landers to mercenaries, it has been a heck of a summer for the actors and the production team of “The Spider’s Web: Arch Defiance.”

Principal photography officially wrapped September 27th in the back yard of director Scott Wegener with actors Samantha Russell and Andre Tomlinson doing green screen work aboard a vintage Bultaco motorcycle modified to defy gravity.

TSWAD is Wegener’s fifth feature film production based in Cincinnati, and follows the further adventures of teenage geniuses Phillip Harrison and Malcolm Scott first introduced to television audiences in 1995’s “The Spider’s Web.”

The new “Web” sees Malcolm (Tomlinson), Harrison (Cody Oppel), and Jamaal Scott (Mark Howard) traveling to Africa after a NASA spacecraft designed by Phillip’s father crashes in the jungle.

Profits from this all volunteer project go to three youth charities; Faces Without Places, GLSEN, and the Kiwanis International Eliminate Project.

The film is a pilot for a possible action-adventure TV series.

The production is expected to be completed in early 2016.

               GET YOUR 

         CREATIVITY  ON !!-

How to get the juices flowing by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Scott Wegener

Malcolm (Andre Tomlinson, L) and Jamaal (Mark Howard) navigate the city of Ghambu.

Phillip Harrison (Cody Oppel) defends himself from Princess Tia (Samantha Russell) in the palace kitchen.

Harrison (Cody Oppel) and Malcolm Scott (Andre’ Tomlinson) try to unravel the deadly schemes of the mercenary group Arch Defiance.

Operating under pretense:

Naman Clark and Greg Ruppert

Poacher Bin Sarif (James Christian) inspects his handwork at an colony of African fire-ants.